Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Little Fishy

Earlier this summer Nicci took swimming lessons and it was a really good experience. Since Nicci was born she has loved the water so we decided when she turned three that it was time to teach her how to survive in the water! She had a lot of fun and learned to listen to her teacher...(kinda)!

I'm very proud of the progress she has made! Last week she accidently fell in without her swimmies and she held her breath and never stopped kicking! We got her out of the water but she almost had her head above before we did!

Nicci had a bad habit of escaping her class...
The first thing Nicci would do when she woke up was put on her swimming suit, eat, and then patiently wait for swimming class. It was so cute.

I could squeeze her until she pops.

STORY TIME. The swim class was for two weeks and from the very beginning Nicci would refer to everyone as "her friends", even the older kids. Well the older kids, (particularly these two girls) were so mean to her. They would make fun of her right to her face and Nicci was so confused...and i was angry. I never said anything because that would make it worse obviously, but everyday i would go home in tears. Watching my little girl try to be friends with everyone and then rejected right to her face for no reason was pain i had never felt. Nicci is a sweet kid so everyday she just continued to be nice. Well, three days before the end of the class, all of a sudden these girls wanted to be friends with Nicci. They came early just to play with her before class and then stay late to play with her after. It was the most incredible example to me of unconditional kindness and love. I watched Nicci continue to get made fun of and laughed at...and all the while she was still smiling, being kind, and trying to be friends. And then low and behold, these girls had a change of heart. It was a cool experience. I absolutely adore my little girl. :)
After swim class Nicci's favorite thing to do was go to my parent's house and show off all her new skills to Grandma and Grandpa! It was such a fun two weeks.
No swimmies... Our sweet little fishy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Have you ever seen such a handsome guy in your life? I haven't. ;)
Lately i've been feeling very lucky to have such a hardworking lovable husband. He's so patient with my pregnancy mishaps...spilling milk all the time...knocking over the beautiful flowers he brings home for me...and lets not forget me sitting on the food i place on the couch to comfortably eat. He works close to 80 hour weeks and always makes time for his girls. NOT only time, but he makes us feel special every single day. I'm so glad i married my very best friend. I love you my insanely handsome hubby!