Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Proud Mama!

Our baby learned to write her name today!! I know being proud isn't always good...but today i couldn't help it. :) Way to go Nicci!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lost and Found

These pictures were taken about a year ago and i just found them on my friend's computer. It made me laugh! Nicci is such a sweet little character and i couldn't help but share these three pictures that absolutely made my day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our "Girls" Are Growing Up!

You might have caught on through the title but we are happy to announce that we are having another GIRL!!! Not only that, but today was Nicci's first day of school! We have her enrolled in a Montessori preschool full time and she is loving it. It was such an emotional day realizing that my baby has officially started her school years. Nicci is growing up so fast and will make such a precious big sister and will be a huge help to Mommy!! We took a few pictures today and being the pregnant tired mommy i am right now, i stayed comfortable in my pajamas and cried all my makeup off before we left the house! Today was such a special day...i will cherish the memories forever.

Seth gave Nicci her very first father's blessing for school! By the end of the blessing my eyes were puffy and i had never been so in love with these two.

Nicci was excited to wear her new shirt to school! There's nothing like the smell of new clothes on the first day of school. Doesn't she just look so darn precious?!

Nicci with her amazing teacher Miss Lacie!

Nicci made two very good friends today. Kenzie and Ava. So cute.

We were so proud of our big girl today! We took her to iHop to celebrate her first day of school. She was such a big girl. She wanted to sit on her own side and she ordered all by herself and showed us how good she was coloring inside the lines. :) When did she get so independent?

I'm so proud of my Nicci-D. No matter what, she will always be my little girl.