Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother, i love you.

My friend posted this on her blog and it touched me so deeply i felt the need to share it.

Nicci sang "Mother, i Love You" with the primary in church today for her very first time - it literally made my Mother's Day. Also, Seth and Nicci (and Gracie!) made a very special gift for me that i will treasure forever. Seth has spoiled me all weekend and has not only made sure i felt pampered but more importantly he really helped me understand his real love for me. We had some very sacred moments that i will cherish in my heart for the rest of my life. ... I'm undeserving of the life i'm living, but so grateful for the unconditional love i'm shown as a mother. It is by far the single most important thing i will ever do, and it brings me more joy than i know how to express. I am so thankful for these two beautiful angels who make every day a perfect one.

I am the luckiest mom.

AND, i am the luckiest daughter.

Today i thought a lot about how much i love and deeply admire my mother. I am thankful for my mom who was home every day when i got home from school, who played the piano for hours with me by her side singing along, who taught me that being honest is far more important than anything else, who showed me through example that service is the road to true happiness, who would comfort me with the song "You are My Sunshine" (and still does), who i would find in a special spot behind the couch praying to our Father in Heaven in the late hours of the night, who read Christmas stories with me by candlelight every night in December, who loves God first then others, who was worried more about paying a full tithe than having money,  ...who loved me when no one else in the world did. I am thankful for who my mom is. For who she stands for. And for the love she shows without having to say a single word.

Happy Mother's Day to me (and you)! And Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful (inside and out) mother and special grandmother there ever was, MY MOM.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

She said YES.

Five years ago today this handsome man woke me up at 4am and had me hike to the very top of Sunrise mountain, directly above the temple (where we were married three months later) where he knelt on one knee with tears in his eyes and asked me to spend the rest of eternity by his side. I'll never forget how sure and confident he was...his hand didn't have the slightest shake and surprisingly enough my heart wasn't fluttering in nervousness. Instead, my heart was racing with excitement and his smile was bigger than i'd ever seen it. I was happier at that moment than i ever had been up until that very second. I couldn't believe that the man i loved more than life would share his entire life and beyond with little ol' me. BEST decision i ever made was saying yes.

We have not only been so blessed with each other, but we have also been blessed with these two beautiful girls who have brought us closer together and happier than we ever thought possible.
I married my best friend. And i'm so glad.

          The greatest blessings in our lives are right here.

"She said YES, and I said WOW, she said when, and I said how about right now! Love can't wait, then i asked if she believed in fate, and she said YES!"