Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lovin' BYU Football

Our whole family are die hard BYU fans. Since both Seth & i were little, we've been obsessed with BYU football. The year we were born they were national champions! We're crossing our fingers for that repeat. :) Well, my parents have tickets to all the games but since my dad hurt his arm they aren't able to attend the games this year, so they let us 4 kids divide the tickets between us! (ridiculously awesome, right?! Thank you so much Mom & Dad!) We chose to go to the BYU-UCLA game and it was beyond the definition of incredible! Dad's arm had started doing very well and his physical therapy was progressing, so he decided to (very very carefully) go to the game with us which made it that much more fun! Last year we all went to the BYU-UCLA game together too and it was a blast!! Horray for BYU football memories!!

(If pictures are too small just click to make them larger)

Last year's fun times...

This amazing year!!

Fun times on the long drive through football traffic!

Thank you again Mom & Dad for making these incredible memories possible!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nicci's Wall of Fame!

The worst thing about me is that i'm the world's worst procrastinator. I should win a medal, seriously. When Nicci was 3 months old we took her to get professional pictures done...and then never went back. :( When she turned 2 i promised myself i'd go get her pictures taken and then...never did. Big shocker. Well today Seth, me, & Kaity were walking through the mall and were stopped by a friendly lady from a picture store outside of Dillard's. They were running a special for one free 10x13 and Nicci looked so darn cute we thought what the heck?! At least she'll get a 2 year old picture finally! Well needless to say, we walked out with our free 10x13...$160 framed package of pictures...and a copy of the release they made us sign saying that they could frame and DISPLAY her photo shoot IN their lobby. That's right. Nicci made the "wall of fame" at a photo shop! Why does she have to be so stinkin' cute?! Here are some of our favorites...there's a copyright symbol across every picture but you can still see how insanely adorable she is! :)

This is what sheer beauty looks like...
Could she get ANY cuter?!
Ok. This little girl is known for sticking her finger right up her nose when you say, "SMILE!" This is just so classic Nicci. We love it.
She loves smelling flowers more than anything else. She always says, "Ooooo Mommy! Cuuuuute! mmmm..."
Simply Picture Perfect.