Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tagged - "Thanksgiving Style"

I was tagged by Shelise and i am suppose to say 6 quirky things about me... BUT i want to do something a little different with this one. I'm going to express 6 things i am very grateful for. I feel that i have been blessed beyond my comprehension, and i would like to express my gratitude. :)

1. I am grateful for my husband. He makes me laugh harder than i can handle sometimes. He has this special way of making me smile when i'm in the middle of swimming in my tears. He says morning prayers with me in Portuguese and it literally melts my heart. My husband would give his LAST shirt to the next person walking down the street if he felt they needed it. He's obsessed with football and i LOVE it! His sense of humor and his witty jokes melt me. He would sing to me while playing his guitar for hours, literally, when i was sick & pregnant and it was the ONLY thing that would put me to sleep. He works harder than anyone i've ever met, and always comes home with a smile! (well...almost always!) He has a strong testimony of the gospel that could NEVER be shaken ... ever. He loves Joseph Smith with all of his heart, and when he talks about him you can see the sincere gratitude and deep love in his tear glistening eyes. When he hugs me i feel like we're the only ones that exist. He simply adores my mom; when they get together the laughs are never ending! He sincerely loves to listen to me sing...even though i can't hold a tune. When i look into his eyes i see our beautiful daughter, and when i look into our daughter's eyes, i see him. When i'm talking in complete circles and i'm out of my mind, it all makes complete sense to him. I love this cute smile he does when he tells me i'm beautiful. :) When i was pregnant, i couldn't bring myself to always make it to the toilet to throw up, so i had "throw up buckets"...he would come home from work JUST to clean them out for me, give me a kiss, and go back to work...never complaining. He leaves me notes everywhere reminding me that i'm beautiful. He watches 'Lifetime' movies with me even though he "claims" he hates it, but always ends up teary-eyed and hugging me in the end. He has always seen past all of my cracks and flaws and has always focused on my best qualities. When i ask him "does this dress makes me look fat" OR "do these pants make me look like i have stubby legs"...he always takes me by the hand to a mirror and makes me repeat that 'i'm beautiful' numerous times. (and then kindly tells me that i'm rediculous and to hurry up and get ready!) What i love most about my dear husband, is at the end of the day when he walks through the door in his $600 suit and i have oatmeal in my hair, mucus on my face from little Nicci's kisses, diapers and toys scattered everywhere, and i'm about to break down crying out of exhaustion mixed with relief that he is finally home, he takes me in his arms and tells me i'm the most beautiful girl he's ever laid eyes on, and brushes the sticky hair out of my face and gives me a sweet tender kiss. I am so blessed to have such an amazing man as my eternal companion and my heart is full of gratitude for all he does for our little family...and for me.

2. I am grateful for my mom. Growing up i never appreciated my mom and to this day i regret that. She is so kind hearted and loves people so hard it hurts at times. She gives and she gives to everyone she can until her body physically can't move anymore. If you walk into her home and mention you like something, it will soon be yours to keep forever. I remember as a child my mom kneeling down with us and praying. Her prayers were so real. I remember thinking 'She's actually talking to someone'. She taught me at a young age how to talk to my Father in heaven through her example. Us kids always used to tease her by loudly moaning whenever Dad called on her to pray because her prayers were SO long!...and now when she prays i could listen forever. I spend 3-4 hours a day exercising and she spends 3-4 hours a day on her knees talking to our Father in Heaven. My mom is my best friend. She has loved my husband since she shook his hand for the first time back in 2002. She has loved and supported him through everything we have been through, and has never faltered. She has always made sure he has had something to eat when he has gotten home late from work....while i was either puking my guts out pregnant, or just being down right stubborn about cooking. :) She has helped me become a mother, she was by my side through my vomiting sessions while i was pregnant, reassuring me that it would all be worth it. She was by my side through every minute of my labor, and she was wiping my tears for months after sweet Nicci was born. She has been there for Nicci since she was born. Mom and Nicci have a very special bond...Nicci loves her Grandma more than words can explain. Since the day she was born, there has been this unspoken attachment between them that is so tender, it brings tears to my eyes. Being a mother is scary, overwhelming, painful, and yet... it's intoxicating, it's beautiful, it's God-like.'s an 'out of body' experience. I am eternally grateful for the constant love, support, and turmoil my mother went through to help me become the wife, mother, and daughter of God that i am today. I will never forget my mother's tear stained face as she looked into my hollow teenage eyes and said, "Brandi, i'm never letting go. I'm never letting go." And she never did. She held on to me while i drug her through the depths of hell with my rebellion and bad choices, and she held on to me when i thought i didn't want her to, but my mother never let go. Just like our Savior never lets go of any of us. No matter how far we fall, our Savior is still there to lift us up, because he has never let go. I am so very grateful from the deepest part of my heart for my mom, my best friend, my angel. I would not be here, married to the man of my dreams, with a beautiful daughter Nicole Debra, if it was not for my mom.

3. I am grateful for my parents. I've never met two stronger more amazing people in my life. My dad works so hard that it shouldn't be possible for him to walk at the end of the day. He has been bishop for 4.5 years and he and my faithful mother have put their entire hearts, might, minds, and souls into it. I do NOT know how they're still going so strong. Seth & I are SO very blessed to be in their ward and watch first hand mom & dad bless so many lives with their unconditional love and never ending service for everyone. I don't think i have ever heard the word 'No' come out of either one of their mouths when it comes to service. I am so grateful for the relationship they have with our Savior. When Nicci had her surgery, Seth and I went through an extremely hard time. Satan was trying to work his way in between us, but as hard as Satan was working, our Heavenly Father was working even harder! My parents were literal angels sent from our Father to hold our little family together during the hardest time in our lives. And if it wasn't for their testimony and personal relationships with our Savior, we don't know where we'd be today. I'm so grateful for their sense of humor. :) Some of our funnest times have been playing games, like Balderdash, with Mom and Dad! I tend to get a bit out of control...but they are always there, whether it be during Balderdash, or in the middle of a terrible day, to wrap their arms around me with a blanket of love and understanding. Their love is never failing and i love them with my entire heart.

4. I'm grateful for tender mercies. Last night i went to the gym for 3.5 hours and when i was finished i had ran 8.26 miles, swam 6 laps, had a sock full of blood, muscles that ached, and a wet head smelling like chlorine. As i walked out of the locker room towards the front doors i thought to myself, "I need to push myself harder next time..." as i walked out the front doors the cool crisp air filled my lungs and i had never felt so good! I just kept inhaling the air and the smell reminded me of the many amazing years my family would spend weeks at "Grand Targhee -ski resort" in Wyoming and we'd walk from our lodge down to the Steakhouse as a family and the crisp air would pierce our lungs but at the same time fill you with amazing warmth and happiness. Those memories are precious to me, and when i got in the car, instead of thinking about what my next workout would be, i turned on Christmas music and began to drive home while thinking about those cherished times with my family. ...then right when i thought i couldn't be any happier i got on the freeway and from behind this big wall appeared the bright HUGE moon! It was practically sitting RIGHT on the hood of my car! It had this happy glow to it and i wanted to jump out of my car and sit on it...take a picture...sing really loud!! Between the crisp cool air and the giant moon i felt so blessed to be surrounded by God's beautiful earth that HE created with His very hands. I thought to myself that someday this is what the Celestial Kingdom will be like...simply delicious! I am so grateful for tender mercies...i was disappointed one minute about not having a hard enough workout, and the very next second i was filled with the utmost gratitude for my Savior and my Heavenly Father and for the beautiful little things that have been put on this earth to bring such joy to all of us...simple tender mercies like the crisp air and the beautiful moon.

5. I am grateful for my sweet daughter. There are days when i think if i didn't have my daughter i would surely die. Her tender smile. Her gentle touch. Her heart melting laugh. Her Cougar growl. Her little words that she speaks with her sweet amazing voice. When i returned home last night i was so full of gratitude for my Savior for all of the tender mercies he has blessed me with, when i passed by my daughter's door and stopped. The greatest gift of all was lying just beyond that door... I walked in her room quietly and there lay my sweet angel with her eyes open and her gentle smile lighting up the room. She was smiling as if she knew i was coming through the door, it was so amazing. I walked over to her crib and talked to her for a minute. I told her about my experience driving home and then i asked her how her dreams had been so far. She jabbered for a minute and then grabbed my hand and put it up to her face. Tears streamed down my face as i looked down at this perfect child the Lord had entrusted me with, to keep safe, to keep happy, and to teach correct principles so that someday she could return back to Him. She was perfect. I sang through my tears "You are My Sunshine" numerous times while she held my hand and sucked her thumb. Then she let go of my hand and raised her little one high in the air and waved 'Bye bye'! I began laughing out loud. I asked her if she was ready for me to leave so she could go back to sleep, and she smiled and rolled over with her blanky. :) I walked out of the room thanking my Father in Heaven for her. A mother's love is something that is so Heavenly divine that words can not begin to convey it. If the love i had for her was liquefied it would flood the entire earth. I am so grateful for the joy, love, and light she brings into our lives. Life would not be the same without her.

6. I am so grateful for blessings. Those of you that know me really well know that i am TERRIFIED of car accidents. Just in the past year, between me and Seth, we have been in 3 car accidents...2 cars totaled...none of which were our fault. Seth went to the hospital for one accident and is still suffering injuries, and i (with my mom) was life-flighted to a hospital on another occasion. SO i am VERY sensitive about car collisions. Anyway... yesterday i was driving out to help a friend at the Dental Hygiene school on Charleston & Jones. (For those of you that live here you know where that is ) I was exiting the 95 freeway on Jones and KNEW i was suppose to turn left! The light was green for me to turn left but for some reason i was going right! I said out loud to myself, "I have to go left dang it!" As i was making the right turn i saw out of the corner of my eye a big work truck RUN the red light! Because i turned right i was in the outside lane and he was in the lane next to me so he didn't hit me. BUT...had i turned left when i was suppose to on my green light, i would have been T-Boned and probably badly injured by the truck running the red light. I saw with my very eyes how instantly blessed i was. I am so very thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude that the Lord was watching over me yesterday; and so very grateful to have been able to walk back through my front door another time to see my midget running circles around her adorable daddy!

Now i'm tagging Aly, Tavia, Ashley, & Meg R. to write 6 things you are grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The answer is...sadly...No.

Everyone keeps asking if we are pregnant because of the poll we are taking for 'boy names'. So we are posting a public NO to clear up any curious thoughts. :) The poll is simply for opinion purposes as we are trying to decide on a boy's name for the future. We have our girl's name...and now we think we have our boy's name! So's merely a prayerful road from here as to when our next angel will come down to bless our little family. ...and don't worry, we'll let you know when that time comes! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Hair Color...yet again...

So i decided i highly disliked how dark my hair was on top after the first week of having it. So i went back blonde...i know...i change my hair as often as i change my socks! BUT...we have decided blonde is the winner! I kept the underside dark...because that is Seth's FAVORITE part, so that is definitely not changing. :) So now all of you can continue with the blonde jokes...i'm prepared :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Family Project!

The other night we decided we wanted to do a fun crafty project as a family, and thought that Mod Podging would be fun! So we went and got wooden letters that spelled out "Our Eternal Family" and painted all of the sides a pretty Burgundy color. Then we got scrapbook paper and 'Mod Podged' all different kinds of paper (hand made all shapes and sizes) randomly on top of all the letters! It was VERY fun to do this project all together as a family; Seth was SO creative in his paper ripping and placement, and i mastered the Mod Podge finally by the last letter, and Nicci sat and cheered us on while waving a clean paintbrush was A BLAST! It was a little harder than we expected but very worth it!

Here are some of the letters we painted before we put the paper on.

The first 3 letters are awaiting their 4th coat of Mod Podge

Nicci cheering us on while dancing to 'Dora the Explorer'!

Drum Roll PLEASE...

TA DA!!! The letters are finished and look incredible!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Seth's "IDEA" of Dinner!

So last night i was feeling a little exhausted, to say the least, and i was laying on the couch... sorta vegetating. Nicci kept bringing me Pop Tarts and Nutri Grain bars...letting me know she was ready to eat. Then Seth came in and said he would LOVE to take care of her and feed her dinner while i just relaxed! I was so relieved i grabbed the remote control and started watching an episode of "King of Queens" while almost falling asleep. Then i realized i wanted some Cookie Dough and some water :) so i got up and walked to the kitchen. That's when i saw it! Seth was on the floor preparing to start our new project of Mod Podging...(NOT feeding Nicci) and there was Nicci in her high chair...with 'Fruity Pebbles' scattered out in front of her!! I almost DIED. Seth looked like a deer caught in headlights! I began asking Seth what kind of dinner Fruity Pebbles was...NOT to mention messy! He stared at me with an adorable smile on his face, then finally spit out, "What?...She likes Fruity Pebbles...!" Nicci knew that Fruity Pebbles for dinner was more than a TREAT, so she began stuffing as much in her mouth as she possibly could before 'mean mommy' took them away from her. It was adorable. SO after i wrestled Seth to the floor and got a really GOOD laugh, i grabbed my camera and took some pictures!

Fruity Pebbles were EVERYWHERE! :)

And here is wonderful it ALL UP!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Seth, Nics, & I watched the BYU vs. Colorado State game at my parent's house with Jeff, Mom & Dad, and it was a blast! During the entire 2nd half Nicci pranced around in her Cheerleading outfit shaking her pom poms, and yelling everytime we did. It was so fun! Then after the game Nicci wanted to go in the pool and kept crying everytime we would take her away from the sliding glass door leading to the pool. So finally Seth said, "Fine, we'll show her how cold it is and she won't want to go in!" Well, we showed her how cold it was, and she didn't care! She went swimming for a good 20 min & just LOVING it! What can we say? She's our little FISH!! :)

Seth LOVES to watch the games with his little princess! And Nics LOVES to watch football with her Daddy! :) Everytime Seth yells, she puts her hands in the air JUST like her Daddy and yells at the screen! They are just amazing.

Nicci decided she would be difficult...So Daddy joined in on the FUN!!

Daddy's sweet little girl

Here's our girl, swimming at Grandma & Grandpa's on Nov. 3! She LOVED it, she didn't even care that it was freezing cold! She's our little Fish :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! This Halloween was incredibly fun, and yet a little sad at the same time. Me, Mom, and Nicci (the Three Musketeers!) had a fun filled, 3 generation, rockin' good time! Nicci was a BYU Cheerleader, (the cutest one in the world i might add!) and i sported the "Cubs attire" Seth brought back for me the last time he was in Chicago for training. That was my way of having Seth with us for Halloween. :) The sad part was that Seth was gone for another training in Kansas City and missed out on watching our little cheerleader learn how to ROAR like a Cougar, say "Trick or Treat", and eat candy until she dropped! But we took many pictures and videos, and talked to Daddy many times during the day. :) Mom, Nics, and I went to the 'Trunk or Treat' first and then took Nicci around to 2 or 3 houses we knew to Trick or Treat! Here are some pictures and a slide show of our FUN filled night!! Happy Halloween!

(We missed you Daddy! We love you!)

Mom & Nicci having fun at the Trunk-or-Treat!

The "3 Generation Musketeers"!!

Our sweet little Cheerleader sitting amongst all of her candy and cheering for our BYU Cougars!!

Someone has had WAY to much candy! lol.

Grumpy Nics! :)

Nicci LOVES her Grandma!

"It's ok sweetie, I miss Daddy too..."

Nicci's ADORABLE hair!!
Nicci going through her "LOOT" at Grandma's house!

She's ROARING like a Cougar!! That's our girl!

Eating Halloween candy...

I LOVE my baby girl.
She is SOOO tired after such a FUN night!