Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Miss My Best Friend...

Seth has been gone for a week and a half now due to training for his wonderful job and i'm hardly surviving. I've been hanging out with my amazing brother Kyle, my darling sis in law Nicole, and their ridiculously adorable 4 children. Between playing with them, talking to my mom everyday, eating lots and lots of Ben & Jerrys, and talking to Seth on every break he gets i'm getting through these 2 long terrible week away from him. It's like i can't breathe when he's gone...nothing makes sense to me. I get up and think about getting dressed...but there's no point. I find myself crying during tire commercials and watching Home Improvement until 3am. Thank goodness i have such a wonderful family that loves me through my weird 'non functioning' periods when my best friend is gone.

I love you so much sweetheart. Thank you for working so hard for our little family. You mean the world to your girls. We're cheering for you and counting down the days until we are with you again! I love you to the moon :)

The Catch-Up Continues...

So it's time to tell the "Fraud" story. It all started when we found this 'super duper too good to be true' deal on a new Honda Accord V6 with Navi. We already had a new Honda Accord fully loaded (with the exception of Navi & it was a 4 cylinder) This guy told us he'd sell us this great car for cheaper than we could sell ours for so we thought, "Oh what steal of a deal!" How dumb could two people be...i'm telling you, we're a match made in heaven! lol. Anyway, we ran off and sold our beautiful Honda Accord, for way less than it was worth i might add, and headed to the bank to wire the money for our new car. Before we finalized the transfer Seth wanted me to call Kyle (my computer genius brother) and see what he thought of the whole transaction. After looking into it Kyle got my other brother Brad involved (my law enforcement brother) and between the two of them they concluded it was pure fraud. GO FIGURE. So there we sat...one car short...a large check...and feeling very used. It affected me a little more than i thought...the very thought of a human being USING and STEALING that easily from another made me so sad. We sat on the check for a day or two then decided exactly what we were going to do. We paid off all our debt (with the exception of our house, of course) and then used the money left over to buy a second car cash! We got a cute little Honda Civic that rocks the gas mileage! It's hard to look at the situation now with any kind of regret because thanks to my brilliant computer genius brother and my awesome law enforcing brother we didn't actually send the money to the creep...instead we became debt free...and there's nothing in the world that makes us feel SO good!!

~~~~ Nicci Colors on the wall...for the First Time! ~~~~
I have to admit...I was a little excited to see Nicci color on the wall finally! Nicci can be so good, sometimes it's refreshing to see her do something as crazy as color on the wall! The cutest thing was that she TOLD me... "Mommy...i color wall!" I laughed so hard and hurried and took a picture. (Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser that makes it more than easy to wash off little things like crayon!) I absolutely love being a mom!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Baby is TWO!

I can't believe it. On May 23 our precious Nicole Debra turned two years old. It feels like just yesterday that we were looking at our new little baby girl through misty eyes while touching her perfect little fingers and toes. Nicci is by far the best thing that has ever happened to us. She has such an electrifying personality and yet she is so tender and loving. Her birthday was so much fun, words can't begin to describe it. I've heard many times that 'pictures tell a story best', so with that said, here are dozens of pictures of Nicci's special day!!

Happy Birthday our dear Princess!

Her day started out with mommy making her favorite breakfast, Blueberry muffins! While she ate it i held her on my lap and told her the story about the day she was born. It was a very special experience.

She had fun watching Dora with her balloon and crown! Soon after that it was time for a sweet little birthday nap. :)

Here's Nicci's big present! "Coconut" is the newest addition to our little family! We call her 'Coco' and Nicci loves to chase her around the house and scream her name as loud as she can. lol. It's precious.

~~~~ Nicci's Birthday Dinner & Ice Cream ~~~~
McDonald's & Baskin Robbins

-Making a wish-

Her birthday dinner- Cheeseburger, Fries, & a Chocolate Shake. Her favorite meal! :)

FUN times at Baskin Robbins

~~~ Special Moments ~~~

The beautiful Birthday girl!

We are officially giving Nicci HER bunny!
Nicci's beautiful birthday flowers!

~~~~ The Day After the Birthday ~~~~

Seth is putting together the adorable kitchen that Grandma and Grandpa gave her! (I think everyone is hoping Nicci will learn the basics of cooking on her new kitchen so that she can cook for Daddy! :)

Jeff came into town the day after Nicci's birthday so we all went to Tony Roma's! YUMmmY. Nicci got a Dora umbrella for her birthday and she got to use it when we left because it was pouring! (It was a moment we savored) She was SO excited!!

"True Beauty"

Fun Times, Fun times!

Nicci LOVES her "Mama & Papa"!

Nicci loves her "Uncle Beff"

~She is our everything~

I made Nicci a Chocolate cake with Vanilla Sprinkled frosting. I decorated it Dora/Pony since she absolutely loves them both! :)

Blowing out her candles!!

Nicci is cutting the first piece of cake!!

THIS was her response to the cake i made her!! :( I have to admitt... i was mildly sad for just a brief moment! ...And everyone wonders why i HATE any kind of cooking? Well, there ya go. :)

OHHHH...BUT you give her an Oreo Fatboy and she eats the WHOLE thing while giggling and laughing. Yeah. That made me feel real warm and fuzzy. Thanks sweetheart. :)

Dearest little Nicci, Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We love you so much and will forever and ever!