Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4 Going on 14

My little Nicci is quite the character. She turns 4 next month and she thinks she's got the world all figured out. 95% of the time the things she will do and say are absolutely hilarious. But the other 5% can be a bit scary...

Nicci- Mommy, do i have to live here forever?

Me- Absolutely not! When you graduate high school you can go away to college if you want.

Nicci- But i want to go to high school now.

Me- Trust me Nicci. You do not want to go to high school.

Nicci- Why?

Me- Because...(thinking of a way to explain in 4 year old language) ... you just don't. Enjoy being little sweetheart, you'll grow up way too fast, and one day you will want to be 4 again.

Nicci- Mommy it's ok. (gives me a huge hug and a kiss on my arm)

Me- Thanks Nicci. It does make mommy a little sad you're growing up so fast.

Nicci- (Rolling her eyes and walking away)

Me- What?

Nicci- Mommy. I'm not sorry i'm growing into a big girl. I'm sorry you don't have friends. But i will be different. I love so many friends! They will all live here when i go to college!

Me- UM. First of all. Who said i don't have friends...I have friends... (a bit hesitated, lets be honest) and second, your friends will not be living here when you go to college sweetheart.

Nicci- Remember mommy. We don't lie. Telling the truth makes Grandma and Jesus happy. Remember that? I need to go to high school to learn how to be a mommy.

Me- They don't teach you that in high school. You learn that in church, and at home...and from Grandma and from me!

Nicci- Oh boy...

Me- (Walking downstairs and under my breath) Oh Nicci. You will be my little girl forever...

Nicci- Sorry Mom. (oh, so i'm mom now?) Hey. I got a dea! (that's how she says 'idea')

Me- What's that?

Nicci- I could go live with Grandma in high school! And my friends could stay here! Sounds like a plan Mommy! (gives me a huge smile)

Me- Haha. You should tell Grandma your "dea". (lol)

Nicci- Ok! She'll be so happy! (squealing in delight)

The funny thing is she went and got the house phone and i had no idea. I walked upstairs a little while later to find the phone on the floor. I picked it up and it said 21:18. She had hit redial and left a 21 minute message on my mom's answering machine. lol. I'm so sorry Mom. My daughter is 4 going on 14. :(

On the other hand. This beautiful creature is being held A LOT lately. Maybe if i hold her forever she won't grow up so fast.
I can dream right?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girls. Girls. and more Girls.

We love our girls in this house, it's no secret.

Mommy-Daughter DATE! Pedicure/Manicures & BJ's Pizookies

Oh, i absolutely love my girls. I can not imagine being any happier than i am right now