Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4 Going on 14

My little Nicci is quite the character. She turns 4 next month and she thinks she's got the world all figured out. 95% of the time the things she will do and say are absolutely hilarious. But the other 5% can be a bit scary...

Nicci- Mommy, do i have to live here forever?

Me- Absolutely not! When you graduate high school you can go away to college if you want.

Nicci- But i want to go to high school now.

Me- Trust me Nicci. You do not want to go to high school.

Nicci- Why?

Me- Because...(thinking of a way to explain in 4 year old language) ... you just don't. Enjoy being little sweetheart, you'll grow up way too fast, and one day you will want to be 4 again.

Nicci- Mommy it's ok. (gives me a huge hug and a kiss on my arm)

Me- Thanks Nicci. It does make mommy a little sad you're growing up so fast.

Nicci- (Rolling her eyes and walking away)

Me- What?

Nicci- Mommy. I'm not sorry i'm growing into a big girl. I'm sorry you don't have friends. But i will be different. I love so many friends! They will all live here when i go to college!

Me- UM. First of all. Who said i don't have friends...I have friends... (a bit hesitated, lets be honest) and second, your friends will not be living here when you go to college sweetheart.

Nicci- Remember mommy. We don't lie. Telling the truth makes Grandma and Jesus happy. Remember that? I need to go to high school to learn how to be a mommy.

Me- They don't teach you that in high school. You learn that in church, and at home...and from Grandma and from me!

Nicci- Oh boy...

Me- (Walking downstairs and under my breath) Oh Nicci. You will be my little girl forever...

Nicci- Sorry Mom. (oh, so i'm mom now?) Hey. I got a dea! (that's how she says 'idea')

Me- What's that?

Nicci- I could go live with Grandma in high school! And my friends could stay here! Sounds like a plan Mommy! (gives me a huge smile)

Me- Haha. You should tell Grandma your "dea". (lol)

Nicci- Ok! She'll be so happy! (squealing in delight)

The funny thing is she went and got the house phone and i had no idea. I walked upstairs a little while later to find the phone on the floor. I picked it up and it said 21:18. She had hit redial and left a 21 minute message on my mom's answering machine. lol. I'm so sorry Mom. My daughter is 4 going on 14. :(

On the other hand. This beautiful creature is being held A LOT lately. Maybe if i hold her forever she won't grow up so fast.
I can dream right?


lacie tidwell said...

ooooooh my Nicci!!! she is growing up WAAAAY too fast!! wait til she starts ADDING and READING! ahh!! she'll be an unstoppable machine!!! and little Gracie is the sweetest thing EVER! I could hold her forever too! LOVE THEM!! GORGEOUS girls and they are BOTH growing up too fast (tear)

Janssen said...

What a riot!

Your girls are both so so pretty.

Becca said...

Ok, they are both the sweetest ever!!! Nicci is growing up really fast, and those are AMAZING pictures that you took of a BEAUTIFUL little ANGEL!! We love you guys!!

Alexis Treese said...

I love kids. They are just tell it like they see it! I could see why having all your friends live together would be a fun idea. Even now... sometimes I wish I had some friends to live with us so when Casey's not home or he's out doing "man" stuff- I can gossip and have company. Nicci's onto something. Doesn't the sass scare you? Ginger is one and sometimes she'll give me the sassiest attitude, Im like, what the freak?! Youre too young for that?!! Oh and the babe... she's a dream.

Janae Walker said...

oh man...little nicci is so funny! she really is 4 going 17! and gracie is just the sweetest little thing!

Cyndi said...

I'm your friend...forever! Thanks for this cute, precious story! You totally made my night!