Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Throwing Away Sister is Not the Answer

Have you ever in your life seen such a beautiful little girl? (Note: i did not pose her.) This is typical sweet little Gracie loving her Minnie.
(Both pictures were taken on my phone, so they're a bit fuzzy)

Ok moving on from the insane degree of cuteness...

I am a very neat and clean person. People who know me call me OCD on crack. So even though Nicci is 4 years old i still expect her to keep her room very neat and clean after the day is done. Today i was in there making sure she was cleaning up correctly (rather than hiding stuff in Gracie's bed) and i picked up a mound of blankets to find suckers. Sticky, half eaten suckers just WAITING to be devoured by ants and roaches. This was our conversation.


Me- Nicci! What the heck is this?!
Nicci- (puts on fake shocked look) I have NO idea! Who in the world?!
Me- (oh please.) You were eating these the other day. Did you put these under here?
Nicci- Mommy. I'm a big girl. I don't do that. (flips her head and walks off)
Me- Nicole! This is not ok. First, i know you're lieing and that makes me sad, and second, you're being rude.
Nicci- Sorry. It's not my fault friends make me do things.
Me- (ohhhhh here we go) Oh, ok. So let me get this straight. Your friends MADE you put half eaten suckers under your blankets?
Nicci- Yes mommy! And they made me put the gum on the curtains too! ...Those are some bad friends Mommy.
Me- (Excuse me?!! Gum on the curtains?!  And sidenote- her friends are very GOOD kids)
Nicole....I will give you to the count of 5 to tell me the truth. If you lie about the suckers OR the gum i will throw away your princess tent. (her tent is her life.) 
Nicci- (staring blankly at me) ....
Me- 1 ... 2... 3...
Nicci- ok... so there's a small possibility....
Me- (loudly) 4 ....
Nicci- FINE! It was me! I sucked the suckers and put them under the blanket and stole gum from your purse and made a Christmas tree on the curtains! (tears were flowing) Don't throw away my tent Mommy. Throw Gracie away!!
Me- (trying very hard not to laugh hysterically.) Wait a second...why would i throw your sister away?
Nicci- Because she makes me crazy! I wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't here.
Me- Don't blame your baby sister! Besides, I think that'd make Gracie really sad if she heard you say that.
Nicci- Ya. Good point, (sniffling) i'll keep her, don't worry.
Me- This room needs to stay clean Nicci or you'll have bugs all over in here.
Nicci- Well if Gracie wasn't in here it wouldn't smell stinky. Tell her that k? Or i'll count to 5 and throw her away!
Me- (Deep breath. It's time for a talk. and a nap.)

Needless to say we had a very long talk about taking responsibility for our actions and how lieing hurts people. I really think she understood and genuinely felt bad for lieing. It's progress! I love Nicci. She has such a huge heart and loves to no end, but she can also be the biggest stinker!! And i love it. :)

Nicci really does adore her little sister. I promise. *-)


AmY.GraNt said...

This has GOT to be the cutest thing I've ever heard. Seriously! I cannot wait to be a mom! haha

lacie tidwell said...

OMG!! that is the FUNNIEST thing EVER! Its good you're writing this stuff down to remember for years to come! love it!!! I need to come see your girls when I get home!!! (and you!!!!:)

Judy said...

Lo!!!!! That is so funny!! Don't you love the way kids think!? At least she decided you could keep Gracie!! Hahaha!!